Thursday, 7 December 2017

Word Problems wk 4/5

WALT -  Use 2 different strategies to solve word problems

This presentation is a mixture of word problems my group and I had to solve. There are different strategies like decimals, takeaways, multiplication and more. Hope these strategies will help you of you are not sure how to solve it.

Word Problems and Sudoku

WALT -  Use 2 different strategies to solve word problems

Today I have finished my maths presentation about word problems and the Walt for today is to use 2 different strategies to solve word problems. In this presentation there are Easy, Medium and Hard word problems. I managed to get through them and once we have finished answering the questions we had to complete a Sudoku puzzle. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tapaono Interpreting Graphs

WALT -  a. Interpreting what word problems are asking me to work out.
WALT - Identify relationships by using graphs

This is my presentation about statistics and graphs. It is about interpreting graphs and creating graphs. This helps me to create graphs and to use a formula to solve practical problems.

The Rules

WALT - generate questions

This is my finished reading  for this week. The text that me and my reading group have been reading about is called The Rules. Once we have finished answering the questions our next task is to create a question cube for a buddy in our group. We had to think of 6 questions of our own to write on the question cube.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Time for Decimals!

WALT -  Use 2 different strategies to solve word problems AND adding and subtracting decimals

Today I have finished my my decimal maths presentation. This presentation obviously was all about decimals. I had to know how to add and subtract decimal equations. I hope this presentation will help you if you get stuck. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Spitting to Survive

WALT - improve comprehension and understanding of a text

This is my reading presentation that I have completed for week 6. The text that I have been reading is about a snake called a spitting cobra. If this cobra spits in your eye that it will hurt really bad and it will be painful. At the end of the presentation I had to create a new presentation about 10 fun facts of any animal. I chose a tiger.